Technology Trends 2018

Technology is one of those areas that only get better with time. This year, some of the latest and greatest innovations are coming our way faster than we may think. Don’t worry, I have you covered. Not all trends apply to growing your business. We narrowed down the most important ones that you should watch out for.

eCommerce Takes Lead

eCommerce deals with any transaction that’s made online. That means every store purchase, in-app purchase, mobile pay, etc. It’s becoming more and more common to find people who use their phones as their personal wallets. This opens the opportunity for brands and company’s to ensure that their platforms can hold up to this wave of consumers who prefer to use their phones than their actual credit cards. Features like face recognition payments and improved thumbprint technologies are about to make appearance on a much larger scale than they have in the past.

Augmented Reality Is Becoming a Reality

We see examples of AR in the gaming space but we don’t realize that AR is closer to us than we may think. There are new entrances of AR into the market that are cheaper, faster, and a lot more space efficient. AR is entering our retail stores with more interactive mannequins or inventory displays. Or you can even purchase your next car without ever leaving your home. Joining the AR bandwagon and finding innovative ways to use AR into your business will bring you a lot of success!

Bots Are Big

These tiny helpers are making a big impact. Bots are becoming more and more popular as industry leaders use bots to learn more about their customers, improve customer service, and so much more. A bot is a preprogrammed tool that responds to various commands. For example, most customer service claims are monitored and handled by a preprogrammed bot. Bots can be programmed to really drive your business in almost any aspect. It can remind your customers when they need to repurchase an item, help you understand data sets, or just be a resource for your employees.

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