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Social Media tools are essential to tracking, posting, and monitoring the content on your social media platforms. We have curated a list of social media apps you need to download to help your accounts get to the next level. Each of these apps was hand selected by our team of experts and are available on Android and Apple phones.



UnUm allows you to see your grid from a big picture point of view. You can schedule, update, and even post pictures that fit seamlessly into your grid on Instagram. It’s one of those tools that make your social media position a whole lot easier because you can plan what you want to post. Also, it keeps everything looking beautiful. This is great for Instagram




If you aren’t an expert at photoshop or illustrator, Canva is perfect for you. It can create the most eye-catching social media templates, flyers, and banners for all of your posts. They have templates premade so you can edit and post them to improve your overall branding.




Buffer makes social media management centralized in one place. You can manage what you post and schedule upcoming posts for your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular platforms. It’s the one-stop shop app that tracks information from your favorite platforms as well. There are easy to follow analytics that gives you insight on what you’re posting




Crowdfire finds relevant articles, posts, and topics your audience will love. If you need some content to fill up some space on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter use Crowdfire. It does all the hard work for you so you can focus on the more important stuff.




Hootsuite does it all. It can track Instagram comments, organize and schedule your content, help manage your team, and so much more. Hootsuite is a social media management platform whereas Buffer is a content management. Depending on your need you may need to use one or the other but we recommend using a social media management platform to improve your businesses presence on all forms of social media.


At Charlotte Consulting Group, we work hard to give you expert tips on the hottest, latest, and best tools to use to improve your presence in the social media realm.

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