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When it comes to growing your small business, there are some things you need to keep your eye for to get the most out of your company data. Business analytics is essential to fostering your small businesses growth and success. The most successful businesses know how to use their data strategically and effectively. It can be overwhelming to know what to track, what’s important, and how to use the information you collect.

There are so many tools that can help monitor your web traffic, sales, and monitor your social media platforms. Google Analytics, Buffer, and Alexa are some of the most innovative platforms to track information about your company. We have access to all sorts of information and data. There is a lot of information that can be collected and depending on your goals, what your company’s mission is the way you measure it may look a little different.

Bring in some expert analytics like the ones at Charlotte Consulting Group and we can help you maximize on the areas down below. We have drilled down 5 important area to keep an eye out for.

  1. Traffic

    You want to monitor who, how, and how many people visit your site or platform. Our general rule is to think about the context of the traffic. Don’t look at one day and think “Oh, my company is doing amazing!”. Think about big picture and try to use social media as a way to improve your traffic. Understanding your traffic data allows you to see if your target audience is coming to your site. If not, then you may need to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to get your audience to your platform. Whether it be verbiage on your site, imaging, or overall branding your site should speak to your intended audience. 

    On some traffic management platforms, you can see the age, demographic, and location your visitors are coming from. Use the insights your site dashboard to have a really good understanding who is visiting your site. Once you understand the source of your traffic

  2. Trends

    This is an obvious one that some people overlook. Understanding what is working or isn’t working on your platform is crucial. Trends are everywhere and want to hone into trends that other people in your industry like too. Seeing what your visitors enjoy or don’t enjoy can allow you to allocate the right energy to the right thing. If you have a blog and are noticing that people really enjoy one topic versus the other, you can focus on creating content surrounding that area or improving the areas other people may not like. 

    Look at the patterns. Is there a particular time people shop on your site? When do you see the most engagement? What’s the perfect time to post on your platform? Looking at that information over the course of three, six, or twelve months can really help you gauge where to invest your creative energy

  3. Content

    When curating content for your platform you should keep in mind three things: audience, context, and timing. Who you’re speaking to, how you’re speaking to them, and when you are getting your message across can allow you to create strong content that will draw in the most amount of visitors. If you notice, some Youtubers all post at the same time because they know that that’s the ideal time most people will click on their video and watch them. Use this to your advantage and use social media marketing tools to make sure you are getting the most out of your content.

    Comments, feedback, or likes can help you monitor what is working versus what isn’t. It’s so important to listen to your audience while keeping your content relevant, authentic, and true to your brand.

  4. Financial Analytics

    It’s super easy to get lost in the numbers. Most small businesses can’t afford to hire an accountant or have the time to build out a financial team. Depending on what e-commerce platform you use, you can see the types of customers are purchasing items from your site. There is a lot of excess “noise” or information that can cloud some of your understanding. Working with a CPA or a licensed professional is ideally the way to go but they can be expensive at times. Use the dashboard functions of your e-commerce site and narrow down what is important to you and your business.

    Keep track of this information every single day and use some of that information to improve on customer service, sales, or item display. With us, at Charlotte Consulting Group, we can make sure your company is using the most innovative strategies to secure a strong financial plan.


When looking at these four metrics, you can see a big picture view of how your company is doing. We offer strategies that build upon the analytics and offer solutions to transform your small business.

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